Zen Nippon Airinkai 46th All Japan Nishikigoi Show

Zen Nippon Airinkai 46th All Japan Nishikigoi ShowKoibito Japan spent the weekend down in Kochi City, Shikoku Island at the 2010 Zen Nippon Airinkai Koi Show, (also known as the ZNA Koi Show). We have taken plenty of photos and videos to keep you all busy for a while.

We travelled down to Kochi City on Friday morning, a journey of 160 kms over the longest road and rail suspension bridge in the world, the Seto Ohashi Bridge. Unfortunately for many of the breeders taking their koi across the bridge it ended up getting completely closed to road and rail traffic in the afternoon because of extremely high winds...luckily Koibito Japan made it across the bridge 10 minutes before it was closed! Fortunately for the breeders waiting on the mainland side of the bridge, one more bridge was open to the island, although it did mean a diversion of over 250 kms for those who made the journey.

The ZNA Koi Showa this year was extremely well attended, and there were plenty of excellent koi on show from all across Japan, although in the end when the final vote for Grand Champion took place it was a bit of a white wash. Mr. Kato won the vote race with 34 votes in favour of his 102 cm Kohaku. Yes, Kato San's Kohaku which won the All Japan Koi Show 2010 in Niigata, was at the ZNA and had also grown another 4 cm!! Really the opposition stood no chance in the face of such a dominant koi.

It was a real pleasure to the always smiling Kato San receive the ZNA 2010 Grand Champion trophy, as well as seeing all the other winners of various divisions and varieties. All-in-all a great show, great location, and a great time was had by all. With out further ado, we will leave you to look through our photos and view our videos...enjoy!

ZNA Koi Show 2010 - All Major Prize Winners (1)

ZNA Koi Show 2010 - All Major Prize Winners (2)

ZNA Koi Show 2010 - All Major Prize Winners (3)

ZNA Koi Show 2010 - All Major Prize Winners (4)

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